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A little about who we are...

We're licensed, insured, and bonded private investigators, heir finders/asset locators, and genealogist, connecting unclaimed property with their rightful owners, or heirs, if the owner is deceased.  Unclaimed property derives from dormant bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, or personal property/real estate from an entire estate when someone dies without a will.  We charge absolutely no upfront fees and only get paid after you do! 


What to expect if you've received a letter/call from us...

If one of our associates has tried to contact you via a phone call or letter, please take it seriously.  Through our extensive research, we believe you are the rightful owner/heir to unclaimed money we've uncovered.  This is not a scam and several thousands of dollars are at stake.  Our average client payout is around $2,500 per client.  And again, we don't get paid until after the claim has been successfully processed and the money is in your bank account.  Our clients have zero risk and nothing to lose.  


How the process works...

Federal/State agencies require a documented family history when claiming as an owner or heir.  As experienced genealogist and licensed private investigators, we pull copies of death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any other court & legal documents needed to prove family lineage.  This can be very time consuming and costly.  We also assist in filing the claim (which can be quite extensive in some states)  We incur any/all costs during this process (usually takes about 3-4 months) and we never ask for money upfront.   

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