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A little about who we are...

Lost Heirs, LLC is comprised of licensed private investigators and genealogical experts. We take on older probate cold cases where a person has died intestate (without a will) and the courts were unable to find a next of kin to inherit the estate. Our team performs a much more diligent search on each decedent (even using church parish registers in some cases) in order to locate a living family member. Once an heir is found, we assist in every aspect of filing the claim. We charge no upfront fees and only get paid upon confirmation that our clients have received their funds. There's absolutely no risk!  


If you've received a letter/call from us...

If you've received a call or letter from us, please take it seriously. This is not some elaborate scam or hoax. Through extensive research we have identified an unclaimed asset and believe you are the rightful heir. (our average claim was over $24,000 in 2019) Time is of the essence so don't wait too long in getting back with us. If we haven't received a response after several attempts, we move on to the next living relative. Once under contract with another family member we're unable to provide any details of the case. In addition, under most state statutes, if a claim isn't filed within a specific period of time, the money reverts back to the holder.    


How the process works...

Filing a rightful heir claim is a very tedious and complicated process. The fiduciary holders require numerous legal documents regarding a deceased relative. These include: An original social security card, certified birth and death certificates of all family members proving lineage, proof of the last known address on file with the holder, original Tax W-2's, pay stubs, account statements, and so on. As licensed private investigators, we assist in gathering everything needed to prove the claim. We incur all costs during this process, and again, we don't get paid until after you do.  


Joseph E. Casner/Owner & Senior Genealogist

  Prior to becoming a Private Investigator/Genealogist, Joseph spent the last 15 years employed as a real estate tax lien consultant. During this time he educated himself in all areas of real estate law.  While legally representing himself in Superior Court as the plaintiff, Mr. Casner successfully litigated over 150 civil cases involving recoverable assets and the location of missing heirs.  


  In his spare time he enjoys creative writing, having completed several award winning screenplays and one fictional novel. Joseph is also involved in several animal rights charities and was the founder and chairman of the non-profit, Pets Need Vets, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) organization that raised money for dog and cat owners who couldn't afford a veterinarian visit) He and his family recently acquired a small farm in the mountains of Northern Arizona where they plan on rescuing several animals of their own.   

  Credentials:  Colorado Private Investigator's Licence # PI1.0000634 (insured & bonded), Colorado Secretary of State registered business, Arizona Secretary of State registered business, California Secretary of State registered legal heir finder, Registered Massachusetts Heir Finder, Washington real estate broker's license, member of the National Genealogical Society.  


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