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  • Access to pertinent publications
  • Individual counseling
  • Lawyer/accountant referrals (drafting a will/trust; litigation.)

How To Join
Fill out the membership application. Attach a check for $39 for a one year membership and mail it to:

Heirs®, Inc.
PO Box 292
Villanova, PA 19085

Any questions? Don't hesitate to e-mail us or call us at (610) 527-6260 for further information.

Please let us welcome you to HEIRS®, the first group of 'unhappy' beneficiaries in the country dedicated to reforming the administration of trusts/estates. This website will acquaint you with our objectives and strategies.

Whether you seek better performance at less cost, the removal of your trustee/executor, recovery of past losses or improvement in your negotiating posture with a bank or individual trustee/executor, Heirs® can put resources on the table to help. You will be able to meet and compare notes with other beneficiaries, perhaps even including those whose trusts are administered by your bank. Sometimes we may be able to refer you to a good lawyer if you are contemplating litigation.

Reform in trust administration is possible; with your support, Heirs® intends to lead the way!

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Privacy Statement
Heirs® respects its members’ desire for privacy. Heirs® also believes that airing beneficiaries' grievances in the media is important to reform in the administration of trusts and estates. Whether you wish to participate is your decision. Hence when an opportunity arises for an article, etc. in the media, Heirs® will first contact you to see whether you are interested in sharing your experiences.

Beneficiaries may find it helpful to share resources with one another, particularly when a bank executor/trustee is involved. If you would prefer not to be contacted by other beneficiaries, please indicate as such on the Membership Form. (See www.heirs.net for a list of banks/independent trust companies which manage trusts/estates for Heirs® members & nonmembers).

Heirs® is a support group primarily for beneficiaries and creators of irrevocable trusts. It offers practical suggestions to those who want to improve relationships with their corporate fiduciary and to others who may be contemplating setting up a trust using a corporate entity such as a bank or individual (e.g. a lawyer) as the fiduciary. However, it is not qualified to offer legal, tax or estate planning services and will not do so. (For legal assistance, see a lawyer that is a specialist in trust/estate matters.) CAUTION: some banks may assess the trust corpus for their expenses not only when they must defend an action brought by a beneficiary/trust creator but also whenever called upon to furnish advice (legal or otherwise) in order to answer a beneficiaries'/trust creator's questions/complaints.

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